Introverted Feeling VS Extroverted Feeling: 2 Type Of Feelings

Introverted Feeling VS Extroverted Feeling


Introverted Feeling VS Extroverted Feeling. People have feelings, and how they make decisions can be influenced by their preferences. In Myers & Briggs terms, the Feeling function is about considering what people care about and their points of view when making decisions. It often emphasizes personal values and aims to create harmony within a group.

Introverted Feeling VS Extroverted Feeling:

Introverted Feeling:

occurs when someone seeks harmony between their actions, thoughts, and personal values. They may struggle when pressured to go against their core values. About 54% of the population introverts their feelings. For INFPs and ISFPs, it’s their preferred function, while for ENFPs and ESFPs, it supports their extroverted intuition and sensing. Others like INTJs, ISTJs, ENTJs, and ESTJs also use introverted Feeling, but it’s not as obvious in their behavior. It acts like an internal filter, capturing incoming information that aligns with their perspective and values. Introverted Feeling VS Extroverted Feeling

You might notice someone using introverted Feeling when they feel a value line has been crossed, and their response is like, “Okay, that’s enough. I have to say something here.” It helps them “get a good read” on people, assessing if they’re genuine or trustworthy. People who use introverted Feeling often excel in creative fields like writing, philosophy, and acting. Introverted Feeling VS Extroverted Feeling

Extroverted Feeling:

on the other hand, is about seeking harmony with others. Those with extroverted Feeling want everyone to get along, considering interpersonal and cultural values. Around 46% of the population makes decisions this way. ENFJs and ESFJs are among the most extroverted feelers, followed by INFJs and ISFJs. Even ENTPs, ESTPs, INTPs, and ISTPs use extroverted Feeling, but as their third or fourth preference.

Extroverted Feeling produces a desire to connect with others, and those who use it can pick up on people’s feelings. It’s seen in expressions of friendliness, openness, and self-disclosure. These individuals often intervene to encourage kindness among people. Extroverted Feelers can sense what others desire and aim to meet those needs. They’re often found in roles like teachers, talk show hosts, philanthropists, statesmen, and activists.

Whether introverted or extroverted, the Feeling function is just one way people make decisions.

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