20+Young Dolph quotes eye-opening (exciting)

20+Young Dolph quotes


Young Dolph quotes. The first-ever Day of Service in memory of the late Memphis artist Young Dolph is being held today. As previously reported by REVOLT, the request has been made for the people of Tennessee, Georgia, and any other country that would like to participate to “give back and help those in need,” just as the frontman of Paper Route did throughout his life. The IdaMae Foundation stated that residents of Dolph’s hometown will be eligible to receive free food, winter essentials, and haircuts at a number of locations throughout the city.

Apart from his widely reported altruistic endeavors (such as the yearly turkey drive he started this week), the rapper Dolph was also well-known for his ability to counsel others and disseminate the wisdom he had accumulated over the course of his 36 years. In honor of For this reason, REVOLT gathered 17 of the “Hall of Fame” star’s most famous sayings about living life to the fullest and gleaned from both memorable interviews and hit songs.

20+Young Dolph quotes:

1. “To be a hustler it’s got to be in you. Everybody ain’t got it, even some people got it but don’t have it as much as others. And to be a hustler and to be a super hustler you gotta know how to deal with sacrifices. You learn how to take sacrifices, you learn to give things up to get into something you’re trying to get into.”

2. “It’s the reality of being Black in this country. You can have money, and you can be a benefactor and a leader in your community, but all people see is Black skin.”- Young Dolph

3. “I’m a 1017 brick squad youngin’, youngin’” -Young Dolph quotes

4. “Don’t try to… go to work and try to go to the other job. And if you is gonna do other things on the side, make sure it’s like it’s only for the money just to support what you really want to do and you give it your all.”

5. “My bitch looked at me and said, ‘Nigga you too real’/’Why you drink so much codeine?’ Bitch, because I’m ill/Thirty-thousand in Neiman Marcus, I dress to kill/She suck that thang so good, I had to tell that girl to yield” – Young Dolph, “I’m So Real”

6. “They say the grass is always greener on the other side / But all I see is green, so I’mma stay right here.” – Young Dolph, “Green Light”

7. “I’m going to invest in my career. I’ma invest in my future. I’ll invest in little dude next to me just because I see something in him. I’m going to do anything that’s beneficial, that I see bringing my future to life. So that’s my money and my time.” Young Dolph quotes

8. “I like peace and quiet. It’s like I’m a loner.” – Young Dolph quotes

9. “Bro, the thing wit’ these n**gas, everybody wanna start at the top. Everybody wanna start at the top, and everybody wanna ball off the rip. Everybody… That’s cool, but, s**t, what you doin’ for yourself? Is you gonna put in the work to ball off the rip? Is you puttin’ in the work right now to ball off the rip? Or is it just all on somebody else to make you ball off the rip? If you feel like that, if you a n**ga wit’ that opinion, that attitude, [to] me, personally, you a f**k n**ga.”

10. “I’m living proof that if you just grind and don’t give up on your dreams, anything is possible.” -Young Dolph

11. “Society admires risk-takers, but only the ones whose risks pay off.” – Young Dolph quotes

12. “Been workin’ my whole life, but I ain’t never punched the clock.”

13. “I just pulled up in that drop top/With my shirt off and my hat cocked/Four chains on and a big watch/Uh, I’m just doin’ it how the shit done/’Cause this how we do it where I’m from/I just ordered me another charm/And another whip and you know it’s foreign” – Young Dolph, “SMH”

14. “Never downplay nobody. You could be like, ‘Ay, sh*t, there ain’t but seven dollars in my pocket right now.’ Who cares? ‘Cause guess what? An opportunity could come where you can have seven million tomorrow.”

15. “You can never have too much loyalty.”

16. “I just left the trap, pulled up at her house/Now she in my lap, no panties under blouse/She say, ‘Hol’ up,’ she want me watch her make it clap/She used to have a nigga she met me and put him out/You see a real trap nigga, bitch, point him out” – Young Dolph, “I Pray for My Enemies”

17. “You only get one shot at life, one life to live, make the most out of it put as many smiles as you can on people’s faces, help as many people as you can, get you some paper. Live life, you and your folks.”- Young Dolph

18. “Designer everythin’, every day on this paper chase. An extra $500k, put away just for a rainy day.”

19. “You can’t be scared to lose. You’re supposed to lose. You’re not supposed to win all the time.” -Young Dolph

20. “She said can she fuck me with my diamond chains?/If I ain’t in the bank, then I’m on the plane/’Bout to go get some money or go spend some money/They stopped me in the airport, had too many benjis on me /They don’t want you to live, they don’t want you to ball/Them pussies smile in your face, yeah, then they pray for you to fall” – Young Dolph, “100 Shots”

21. “Busy workin’ all my life, gave the family no time, I apologize to the whole family just for bein’ selfish, but the whole time, I was focused on makin’ the family wealthy (’cause I love y’all), it wasn’t s**t you could tell me, guala, guala, guala, stack that paper, invest in yourself for times like this…”

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