20+Paid In Full Quotes

20+Paid In Full Quotes


Discover more about the film that is mentioned in numerous rap songs by reading these Paid in Full quotes.
Charles Stone III directed the crime drama Paid in Full, which was released in 2002.
Among the actors in the film are Wood Harris, Mekhi Phifer, and Cam’ron.The 1987 album and song by Eric B. & Rakim is where it gets its name.

Critics gave the film mediocre reviews because they thought the story was cliched, but they also praised the acting.
Despite having a $7.5 million budget, the film only made $3.1 million at the box office, but hip-hop enthusiasts have since taken an interest in it and created a cult following.
The lives of drug dealers Azie “AZ” Faison and others in 1980s Harlem are the fictional basis for the film, Alpo Martinez and Rich Porter.

20+Paid In Full Quotes:

See these Paid in Full quotations to get additional information about the film.

1. “What’s Popping Kermit?”  Ace

2. “That’s why I do what I do.” — Ace

3. “Whooooo, that’s a big a** bill.” — Pip

4. “You know me, B, Imma eat regardless.” — Ace

5. “Even Ray Charles can see he’s got money.” — Ice

6. “No doubt. Life is good in Harlem, baby.” — Mitch

7. “Make the money count! Make the money count!” — Rico

8. “No ribs, no rice, no champagne! You don’t eat nothing!” — Rico

9. “You know, I just need to be around some love, that’s all.” — Mitch

10. “I just made enough money to bake biscuits for the projects.” — Calvin

11. “What the f*ck are you doing, man? Do you even know what you’re doing, man?” — Ace

12. “I told myself, when I could breathe without a tube, I was gonna breathe deep.” — Ace

13. “I’ve been shot in the head, baby. My body is different. I’m breathing differently.” — Ace

14. “Everybody’s gonna eat. Everybody’s gonna get this money. Everybody can be happy.” — Ace

15. “Yeah, I called him. And I gave him the number of fake *ss dealers who turned out to be the feds.” — Ace

16. “Us old players are gone. But you can see our story on music videos with prop guns and fake champagne.” — Ace

17. “But it’s all fake. Understand what I’m sayin’? This life. This game, there ain’t no love in it. It doesn’t love you back.” — Ace

18. “Still got the flash of that gun in my head, man. That white light. And it was like that light, man, was sayin’, you’re dead.” — Ace(Paid In Full Quotes )

19. “See, the thing about the game is, the—don’t stop. You could be hurt, and it doesn’t matter. Business will still roll up on you.” — Ace (Paid In Full Quotes )

20. “What the f*ck is the use havin’ soldiers if you can’t use them?” — Rico(Paid In Full Quotes )

21. “Ace, make that shot again. Five thousand, you can’t make it again.” — Rico(Paid In Full Quotes )

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