20+Ice Spice Quotes

20+Ice Spice Quotes


Ice Spice Quotes. From Lil Baby to Lil Durk, everyone has been discussing how women are now in charge of hip-hop. Ice Spice is a prominent female rapper leading the charge in the current hip-hop female renaissance. She has been rising steadily since her On The Radar performance that gave her a break last summer. Drake was drawn to her and she became well-known as a result of her now-iconic OTR appearance.

Soon after, especially in NYC, where she is originally from, her song “Munch (Feelin’ U)” was certified as an unofficial song of summer 2022. The lyrics to “Munch” by Ice Spice became commonplace gen-z slang and inspired a ton of Instagram captions. The native of the Bronx and the sound direction RIOTUSA, her go-to producer, kept creating a link-up vibe all around her for the remainder of her breakthrough year.

How could publications like Rap Caviar and Billboard fail to recognize Ice Spice as one of the Rookies of the Year for 2023? Ice Spice released her debut EP, Like..?, at the beginning of this year. Numerous hits were included in the six-song project, such as “In Ha Mood,” “Princess Diana,” and “Gangsta Boo” featuring Lil Tjay. Her collaboration with PinkPantheress, “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2,” served as the soundtrack for numerous in-person events and Tiktok fads.

The reissue of her first album sold more copies than Nas, a G.O.A.T. She appears on the lead single from the film’s soundtrack, which is possibly the biggest of the year. She performed well in a few joint ventures with Nicki Minaj, the Rap Queen. She gave standout performances at festivals like Governors Ball and with Taylor Swift. She was so busy in 2023 that she didn’t even have time to complete the cover for XXL Freshman.

Ice Spice’s swagger and bops have taken the world by storm. Her career has only recently started to take off, despite her quick ascent to fame. She’s still relatively new, but she’s already quietly dropped a number of memorable bars. The top 25 Ice Spice lyrics are shown here.

20+Ice Spice Quotes:

    1. I always felt like I could do anything I tried to do, but especially now, it feels like anything is possible. — Ice Spice
    2. People only love you when nobody else does, really. But then, once other people start to love you, people have to hate to balance it out. — 20+Ice Spice Quotes
    3. I try not to feed into negativity because I also see that when people are trying to make that point, it’s not out of a good place. —20+Ice Spice Quotes
    4. I don’t pay too much attention to the noise. I try to focus on the positive. I stay away from the comments section as much as possible. — Ice Spice
    5. A lot of people try to categorize me, but I just like to create things. — Ice Spice
    6. It’s important to remember where everything started. — Ice Spice
    7. I want to make girls feel confident. —20+Ice Spice Quotes
    8. We just have this goddess energy about us. — 20+Ice Spice Quotes
    9. I’m most proud of staying grounded so far, because I’ve already been through so many things that I know a lot of people would’ve lost their f*cking minds. — 20+Ice Spice Quotes
    10. The world will really try to eat you up and spit you back out, so I just try to stay peaceful, grounded, positive, gorgeous, and safe. — Ice Spice
    11. I got to know who I am because everybody else gon’ try to tell me who I am. So I got to know first. — Ice Spice
    12. I don’t think anybody is ever fully prepared for fame. — Ice Spice
    13. If you ain’t a baddie can’t sit with mе. — Munch (Feelin’ U) 
    14. She a baddie with her baddie friend. — ​In Ha Mood
    15. They shoulda named me pressure.  No Clarity
    16. If you ain’t cookin’, then get off the pot. — Deli
    17. Climbin’ up the ranks on your own could get rocky But I keep it pushin’ knowin’ that they’ll never stop me. — How High?
    18. Karma is a beauty winning that pageant. — Karma feat Taylor Swift
    19. Wanna be me, so she do my emotes. — Princess Diana
    20. I get money, I stay in some fly sh*t. — Butterfly Ku


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