20+Buddha Quotes On Karma

20+Buddha Quotes On Karma


Buddha Quotes On Karma. Are you attracted to the ideas and philosophies surrounding Karma? According to the Buddhist concept of Karma, you are here to bring happiness and peace to the world and your past deeds have an effect on your current existence. Buddha’s sayings, which are presented as quotes, will undoubtedly help you understand the workings of karma and steer you in the direction of a contented life. These 15 timeless sayings by Buddha about karma should give you comfort, wisdom, and inspiration.

A key idea in many spiritual traditions is karma. Karma in Buddhism can be best described as the cause-and-effect law. There are repercussions when we take voluntary actions. We get closer to freedom when we practice mindfulness, kindness, and generosity. Suffering ensues when we act in a way that harms other people. Our lives are constantly being governed by the law of karma, and we are always responsible. Nothing can be accomplished by “getting away,” as our actions are always followed by consequences. These are a few of our favorite sayings regarding karma from various educators.

20+Buddha Quotes On Karma:

  1. “Focus on the present moment; it holds the true essence of karma.
  2. “Your actions sow the seeds of your future; what you give, you shall receive.”
  3. “Karma is a fair judge, impartially assigning consequences to our deeds.”
  4. “Seek not revenge; karma will ensure justice prevails.” – Buddha quotes on karma
  5. “Your karma follows you like a faithful shadow, so be mindful in your thoughts and actions.”
  6. “Speak with kindness, for your words hold the power to heal or harm.”
  7. “Embrace the uniqueness of your karma; it weaves a beautiful tapestry of your life.”
  8. “Nurture your soul by engaging in virtuous acts; watch your inner garden flourish.”
  9. “Challenges presented by karma are opportunities for spiritual growth; face them bravely.”
  10. “Acts of kindness hold great significance, spreading positivity beyond our awareness.”
  11. “Don’t let the past burden you; the present shapes your destiny with each choice.”
  12. “You shape your fate; craft it wisely with integrity, compassion, and wisdom.”
  13. “Let go of attachments that bind you; detach and experience the freedom it brings.”
  14. “Forgiveness liberates you from negative karma, allowing love and compassion to thrive.”
  15. “Self-reflection is a transformative tool, shedding light on the roots of your karma.”
  16. “Karma is impartial, treating all beings equally based on their actions and intentions.”
  17. “No action goes unnoticed by karma, even the most secretive ones.” – Buddha quotes on karma
  18. “Recognize your power in shaping destiny; choose actions that echo through time.”
  19. “Live mindfully, let your soul dance to the harmonies of divine order, guided by karma.”
  20. “The river of karma flows unceasingly, carrying the fruits of your deeds towards the shores of your fate.”
  21. “In the vast tapestry of existence, karma weaves the threads of cause and effect, creating the fabric of our lives.”  Buddha quotes on karma

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