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20+Andrew Tate Quotes About Women


Andrew Tate Quotes About Women. You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve been looking for the “Best Andrew Tate Quotes About Women in Relationships” or Andrew Tate Quotes About Women in Business.

Andrew Tate’s self-help brand for men has helped him become well-known in the last year. The former world champion in kickboxing has a lot of content that is shared on social media sites like TikTok and YouTube. From similar people, it routinely receives millions of views. Still, the bulk of his subjects are divisive and offensive. Part of it is overtly antagonistic.

20+Andrew Tate Quotes About Women:

  1. “The man who goes to the gym every single day regardless of how he feels will always beat the man who goes to the gym when he feels like going to the gym.”
  2. “Emotional control isn’t a lack of emotion; it’s a necessary function of maturity.”
  3. “Men who live without self control are the kind of men who cry when their girlfriend cheats on them, ‘cus she certainly does, because she doesn’t respect a little cry baby, and she’s only with you because she’s ugly as f*ck and she has to settle for a little soy boy p*ssy like you.”
  4. “If you could choose to build yourself from the ground up… Like from a video game, just tick characteristic boxes and build yourself, nobody would choose to be a liberal soy boy. Nobody would choose to be a small weak guy who has to cry when he gets upset.”
  5. “Reject weakness in any form.”
  6. “You don’t have to be handsome. You just need to be scary. How? Get big in the gym, have status, make money, and be competent and dress like a mafia boss.”
  7. “Depression is not real. Feeling depressed is real. So, you can feel depressed, but you feel depressed and that is a natural, biological, evolutionary trigger for you to change something in your life. That’s your own mind telling you ‘you’re unhappy about X’. If I went to jail today, I’d be depressed because I’m in jail. I haven’t caught depression, I don’t have a disease, I’m just upset with my situation.”
  8. “‘Uh, real men cry and women can cry and men can cry, too, there’s nothing wrong with it.’ And there absolutely is something wrong with it… Life as a man is far more difficult than life as a woman.”
  9. “The amount of stress you can tolerate while remaining effective is directly correlated to the level of success you will enjoy.” Andrew Tate Quotes About Women
  10. “There is an elite club that you’re not in and none of them people are arguing about the dumb sh*t you’re arguing about. So, if you’re looking at this race thing, you feel like going on the street and marching… You need to drop that crap, get your money up, and transcend.”
  11. “Arrogance is the cause of most first world poverty.” Andrew Tate Quotes About Women
  12. “Everyone has a Lambo or a Ferrari, it’s easy.”
  13. “And then you get into the aesthetics of life. For people to view you as successful, you need good body language, you need physical presence. A man who’s not dangerous, a man who has no physicality will never be seen as successful. ‘Oh, I’m successful, I’m rich…’ Yeah, but I’ll break your neck… I’m gonna grab you by your neck and choke you till you die. I’ll show you a race riot p*ssy. Then what, who’s successful now? I’m breathing and you’re not. So, I’m more successful than you.” Andrew Tate Quotes About Women
  14. “Aspire to be a superhero. Not a normal person with a bigger house and nicer car.”
  15. “I allow manipulation to find out where my enemy wants me to go, then I use my mind to break the trap and punish the perpetrators.”

  16. “As you excel in life, you’re going to have a lot of enemies. And if you can’t rely on your brother, you can’t rely on anybody.”

  17. “Maybe I’m completely crazy. Maybe I’m full of sh*t.”

  18. “I have everything every man has ever dreamed of. I got a big mansion, I got a super cars, I can live anywhere I want, I got unlimited women, I go where I want… I do anything I want all the time. So, I’m an amazing role model.” Andrew Tate Quotes About Women

  19. “I’m very happy that my life has been difficult because it’s impossible to become a capable man without struggling, facing serious adversities and without trying to overcome often insurmountable odds.”

  20. “I realised yesterday that I can actually, genuinely, right now nothing is stopping me from becoming Batman. Nothing. I have a bat cave. I have an Alfred. I have a Batmobile, a Bugatti. I can fight. Rich as f*ck… I’m charismatic. There is nothing stopping me putting on a suit and being Batman.”

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